The Let's Go Leadership Pack

***** Includes a free live 90 mins Master Class *****

​The Let’s Go Leadership Pack is a self-coaching tool for expanding your leadership imagination and building your leadership muscles. The three sets of cards get you reflecting on your natural style, thinking of new options, and finding the right action for the moment you are in.

  • Intentionally BUILDING IMPACT

  • Showing up with the right PRESENCE

  • Responding positively to CHALLENGE

The Leadership Pack is built on The Let's Go Model® a powerful and pragmatic way to understand our five leadership responsibilities.


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"Each of us can be a leader – we all have an arena of influence in which we can leave an imprint on the world. At Let’s Go, we don’t see  the work of leadership as grasping grand theories, but as the everyday practice of good actions. It’s about building your muscles to act in line with what is really needed and what you really want."

Richard Watkins, Founder, Let's Go

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The Leadership Pack is grounded in
The Let's Go Model®

Discover part 2:
Showing up with the right PRESENCE  

Discover part 1:
Intentionally BUILDING IMPACT 

Discover part 3:
Responding positively to CHALLENGE

 ***** Includes a free live 90 mins Master Class *****
To help you get the best of the Leadership Pack there will be 90 minutes live master at 2pm UK time on the 30th of July. This will be hosted by Rich Watkins. If you can't attend live there will be a video available.