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Let's Go Practitioner Accreditation
Release the power of collaboration in teams and leaders


Are you a practitioner tasked with improving collaboration in leaders and teams?  Are you looking for elegant and efficient interventions that work in the pressure and complexity of organisational life?

The Let’s Go approach is a powerful toolkit rooted in a transformational model. Born in 2016, this approach has been refined with thousands of leaders and hundreds of teams, in some of the worlds most admired organisations, all across the globe.

This professional development program is for individuals who already have a practice facilitating/training/coaching - and are looking to add an impactful methodology to what they can offer teams and leaders.

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • See what really matters. In any collaborative situation, however complex with The Let's Go Model® as your compass.

  • Improve any team. Your primary tool will be The Let's Go Team Check, a data-rich report that drives conversations that need to happen. And you will also be able to work spontaneously with groups to open up richer dialogue with The Let's Go Collaboration Cards.

  • Equip Leaders for collaboration. Giving you an empowering leadership development intervention that builds skills - where The Let's Go Model® and The Let's Go Collaboration Cards together become a practical field guide for finding conversations that move situations forwards.

And you will join a global community of practitioners embedding these approaches into different contexts.

Live dates: 3 x 3hr sessions on zoom - March 22nd + April 5th + April 19th

Times: Americas-friendly time (start 4pm UK) and Asia-friendly time zone (start 8am UK)

Perspectives of some Let's Go Facilitators

Module 1: The Let's Go Model®

The Let's Go Model® is the beating heart of the facilitator training. And module one gives you a firm grasp of it - you will clearly see how five interweaving dynamics shape every group, every team and every leadership situation. This module will leave you able to look at any collaborative situation in a new light. Or more correctly in 5 different lights:  Belief, Structure, Involvement, Progress and Care. Balancing these dynamics makes collaboration thrive - and when out of balance each dynamic causes a different systemic issue. The heart of collaboration is Presence.

As a facilitator

  • You will have be able to sense and respond to these dynamics in any project, team, partnership, encounter or meeting.

  • This will help you as you collaborate for yourself, as you design and deliver, and in the organisations you support.

  • You will be able to explain the model quickly and credibly to demystify collaboration. 

Find out more about the model in Rich's TEDx


Module 2: Strengthening Teams with Powerful Conversations

Module two moves us from theory into practice. The primary tool is the Let's Go Team Check - a powerful analysis tool for teams and a data-rich report. This report is the basis for productive group conversations about where we are, what needs attention and what practical steps we want to take together to strengthen the team.

As a facilitator

  • You will have access to an analysis tool directly focused on team performance - where data accelerates to the heart of the matter.

  • You will have flexible interventions: you can host one-off Team Check conversation, embed it into away-days/workshops, or build whole team coaching program around it.

  • You will also be able to use The Let's Go Collaboration Cards to easily and cleanly open up important conversations in any group in any moment.


Find out more about the Let's Go Team Check


Module 3: Equipping Leaders for Collaboration

This gives you a leadership development intervention that creates real collaboration skills. You will be able to take cohorts through a clear repeatable process that isn’t just engaging but can (with the right support) transform behaviour in the real-world. Practically: you are giving them The Let's Go Model® as a compass and The Let's Go Collaboration Cards as a field guide to finding the conversations that shift things. You will also be able to offer The Let's Go Collaboration Copilot, an artificial intelligence GPT that can answer real leadership questions.

As a facilitator

  • You will have an intervention beyond the buzzword - where "collaboration" is the leadership skill of getting things done in groups.

  • A way to build emotional intelligence, agency and confidence.

  • Give leaders a repeatable process for responding powerfully to complex  situations.

  • Support cohorts to real shifts in behaviour - with two helpful tools.

Find out more about The Let's Go Collaboration Cards

Find out more about The Let's Go Collaboration Copilot

Questions and practicalities

Times: Americas-friendly time (start 4pm UK) and Asia-friendly time zone (start 8am UK)

Dates: TBC

Who it is for

  • People already comfortable with group facilitation looking for a new powerful toolkit for improving collaboration.

  • Internal professionals tasked with better collaboration - agile coaches, org development and L&D specialists, HR partners.

  • External coaches, consultants and facilitators looking to improve their offer.

  • The training is in Global English - but materials are available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German - with Arabic and Portuguese coming soon.


£1.25K + VAT

***Early bird price £975 +VAT  - only available for self-funded***

Discount available depending on country you are based in

What you get

  • 3 x 3 hr workshops on Zoom.

  • 1 x Team Check report (worth £400) - you need to complete with a real team to get accreditation.

  • 2 x 1-1 coaching calls to integrate knowledge and embed the tools in your practice.

  • A 60+ page workbook detailing theoretical underpinning and practical application of tools.

  • Online library of content:

    • Videos explaining key concepts.

    • Collaboration Cards video course.

    • Team Check case studies - recordings of real teams.

    • Facilitators sharing their experiences.

  • 2 x packs of Collaboration Cards included in languages of your choice (English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German).

  • Quarterly community calls to deepen your practice and connect to other professionals.

Ongoing commitments

  • No ongoing fees - retain your accreditation by simply running at least one Team Check or Leadership Development initiative per year and attending at least one community call.

  • Each Team Check survey and analysis has a cost of £400 + VAT (for a team of any size not per individual).

  • Leadership development interventions involve leaving participants with a pack of Collaboration Cards as a tool - which with your 40% discount is £30 pp (min order 10).

Get in touch to find out more

For more information or to find out if this program might be for you fill out the form below or email Rachel directly - we'd be delighted to answer any questions.

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