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Making Better Meetings

Improve your meeting craft

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Meetings are the base unit of collaboration, but often we can get stuck in old patterns and habits that don’t work for the new world of work. Do you get frustrated with unproductive and uninspiring meetings? Do you want to be part of creating a tangible shift in how we collaborate? 


This toolkit raises your awareness and gives you practical tools to improve every meeting you host or attend. Grounded in the Let’s Go Model® it:​

  • Outlines Meeting dynamics that underpin every meeting on which meetings succeed or fail - drawn from The Let’s Go Model® dynamics that flow through every collaborative endeavour: Belief, Structure, Involvement, Progress and Care

  • Meeting Tactics: practical actions you can take within a meeting to influence a meeting in a direction that is appropriate. 

  • Gives you a meetings checklist that outlines the phases of a great meeting and the practical actions or considerations for meeting owners.

  • Highlights Meeting formats ​that give you a basis on which to design a specific meeting

  • Outlines meeting behaviours that are unhelpful and that get in the way of doing our best work with other people.

Find out more about The Let's Go Model® that the Making Better Meetings Toolkit is grounded in 

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