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The world of work is more dynamic than ever – increasing complexity, frequent change and big shifts in ways of working. In this uncertain and demanding environment, leaders and teams need to collaborate effectively and to move decisively.

Let’s Go supports leaders and teams with the practices and skills to improve collaboration so you can get things done.





Better conversations

Collaboration Cards

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The Collaboration Cards put 30 essential conversations on the table that every group need to have. Built in collaboration with business leaders, teachers, psychologists and artists the Collaboration Cards are helping 1000's make collaboration work around the world.

Analysis tool for teams

Team Check

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The Let's Go Team Check is a powerful analysis tool for teams. It's a short survey which is synthesised into a rich and elegant report as the basis for productive conversations. Discover what needs attention and what practical steps to take together to strengthen.​

Expanding possibilities

Leadership Pack

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The Let’s Go Leadership Pack is a self-coaching tool for expanding your leadership imagination and building your leadership muscles. The three sets of cards support you in Building Impact, showing up with the right Presence and responding positively to Challenge.

A powerful approach grounded in practical tools

Become a Let's Go Facilitator with powerful tools to improve teams 

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The Let’s Go facilitator training is a professional development accreditation for practitioners. It will leave you with practical tools to make your team interventions more effective and more efficient. Grounded in the Let's Go Model® with access to the Team Check and Collaboration Cards.

Built from The Let's Go Model® as explained at TEDx Roma

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