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Meet The Let's Go Model®

The Let's Go Model® sits at the heart of all our work. Born in 2016 from experience and cross-discipline research, we have been working with it from the very top of organisations to the front lines. It offers an elegant way to hold all of what makes a collaborative endeavour work. It is easy to grasp - simple without being simplistic - and comes to life as a powerful toolkit.

In every group that is collaborating to get something done, there are five dynamics that need your attention: Belief, Structure, Involvement, Progress and Care. These are the five interrelated dimensions along which groups work (or don't work) and point to five different kinds of conversations that can move things forwards. And the heart of collaboration is Presence.

Explained in 5 minutes

Practitioners reflect on The Let's Go Model®

Used in some of the world's most admired organisations

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Practical tools built from The Let's Go Model® that you can use straight away...



30 powerful conversations that move things forward



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A gpt-4 powered A.I. assistant to improve any collaboration



A powerful analysis tool to see clearly what your team needs



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A self-coaching tool to expand and improve how you lead

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