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In every group that is collaborating to get something done, there are five dynamics that need your attention: Belief, Structure, Involvement, Progress and Care. These are the five ways in which groups go well or badly and can point you to the conversation that will move you forwards. And the heart of collaboration is Presence - showing up with commitment and responding to whatever comes up.

The Let's Go Model® sits at the heart of all our work. Born in 2016 from experience and cross-discipline research we have been working with it at the top of organisations and on the front lines. It offers an elegant way to hold all of what makes a team work - easy to grasp and effective in even the most complex situations. We have turned it into a powerful toolkit and a deep practcie at developing leaders and strengthening teams.

Meet The Let's Go Model®

Richard Watkins explains The Let's Go Model® at TEDx Roma

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Find out the background to The Let's Go Model® 

Leadership Tool:

Collaboration Cards

The Collaboration Cards put 30 essential conversations on the table that every group need to have. Built in collaboration with business leaders, teachers, psychologists and artists the Collaboration Cards are helping 1000's make collaboration work around the world.

Leadership Tool:

Leadership Pack

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The Let’s Go Leadership Pack is a self-coaching tool for expanding your leadership imagination and building your leadership muscles. The three sets of cards support you in Building Impact, showing up with the right Presence and responding positively to Challenge.

Team Psychometric:

Team Check

The Team Check is helping teams around the world to measure their performance on collaborative projects. It takes just a few minutes to complete and reveals valuable insights for leaders on what’s working well and what needs attention right now.

Practical tools built from The Let's Go Model® that you can use straight away...

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