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Collaborative Leadership Sprint 

We achieve our most significant work alongside others. But sometimes collaboration can feel messy and painful. In this increasingly dynamic, demanding and connected world, how can we get collaboration right?

Collaboration Leadership is an 8 week coached leadership sprint that can transform how you approach every collaboration. You will leave with crystal clear ideas and tried and tested tools that together give you confidence and clarity as you approach getting things done in collaboration. Accompanied by peers you will be applying everything to your work as you navigate the complexities of the real world.

Learning outcomes

  • I know when to collaborate and when to do something else valuable (like sell or negotiate)

  • I can identify (in myself and others) the defensive stances that poison collaboration - and know the alternative

  • I can confidently diagnose what is going on in any collaboration and see what needs attention

  • I can reliably find conversations and actions that will move things forwards

  • I know how to think strategically about my influence and cultivate collaboration around me

  • I have tried the ideas and tools in the real world and feel confident applying them in novel situations


  • 4 sessions, each 90 mins on Zoom or Teams

  • 2 weeks between each session with clear practice tasks

  • A workbook with all the theory, tools and exercises

  • Video content explaining key models

  • Recommended 5-12 participants

  • Session content can be adapted to meet requirements of participants

Toolkit: Let’s Go Model®, Defensive Stances, the Collaboration Cards, the Culture Cycle, presence management, Change Loop

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Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 17.34.27.png

"I was lucky enough to be selected to attend the Collaborative Leadership course and it changed the way I work and think about working with others dramatically. The mindset shift about working with others alone is such a great benefit, but the tools you're given and techniques you get take you even further. "

Zakary K  – Sr Director, Cyber security incident Response

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