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Meet The Let's Go Model®

At the heart of our work is a transformational way to understand the human dynamics of groups: The Let's Go Model.

Collaboration is getting things done in groups. And in every group that is trying to get something done, there are five dynamics that need your attention:
Belief, Structure, Involvement, Progress and Care. These are the five ways in which groups go well or badly and can point you to the conversation that will move you forwards.

And the heart of good collaboration is Presence. Showing up with commitment and responding to whatever comes up.

Rich Watkins explains The Let's Go Model® at TEDx Roma

Other models from Let's Go

The Let's Go Change Loop

0 Change loop.png

A simple model expressing the way humans move through change. It expresses the four phases of change, as well as the important transition moments through change.

The Let's Go Culture Cycle

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 17.34.27.png

A pragmatic model to map out the jobs-to-be done for an individual or a system that wants to cultivate good work.


Five Defensive Stances

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 17.34.33.png

Building on the work of Virginia Satir we lay out 5 defensive stances that close down collaboration: blaming, placating, avoiding, dogmatic, posturing

Other ideas on leadership and collaboration explained

A team focused on its work can achieve incredible things. But we all see the energy of teams getting diverted into distractions. I want to layout fine things teams can get preoccupied with. 1. Mighty Leader 2. Terrible Danger 3. Fantasy Future 4. Utopian Unity. 5. Missing out

Are you a leader? Answering that question will point to your underlying beliefs about leadership. This video will look at leadership as ELEVATED STATUS and leadership as IDENTITY- two unhelpful ways of looking at it - and leadership as ORIENTATION which is much more helpful.



Collaboration isn’t rocket science, it’s horticulture

Productive collaboration is more like tending a garden than building a spaceship. There is always something that needs your attention, but with the grow...

Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 15.06.01.png

The 5 Rules of Effective Collaboration

Collaboration is king. We know that it gets us to better ideas and outcomes; not to mention it makes the process of work more meaningful and enjoyable on the whole. But it's a tricky thing to get right. ....

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