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Meet The Let's Go Culture Cycle

The Let's Go Culture cycle is a pragmatic map of the jobs-to-be-done if we want to cultivate good work - we must: Build Connections, Explore Possibilities, Deliver Impact and Develop Wisdom.

The four jobs-to-be-done flow in a supportive cycle. When we Build Connections, ideas emerge. When we Explore Possibilities, we identify priority projects. When we Deliver Impact, we learn what works. When we Develop Wisdom we see the vital importance of our connections. Each job can be clearly understood and actions we take can tangibly deliver against these jobs. The model can be used to reflect on your individual leadership or to look at the way an organisation is set up.
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The Culture Cycle is brought to life with tangible tools

Collaborative System Analysis

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A report on how your system (department, leadership community or whole organisation) supports collaboration –what are the jobs you do really well and what needs attention?

Powerful Practises Deck

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A tour through powerful practices from some of the best collaborative systems in the world. Drawing lessons from businesses, communities, charities and the public sector.

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