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Meet The Let's Go Model®

In every group that is collaborating to get something done, there are five dynamics that need your attention: Belief, Structure, Involvement, Progress and Care. These are the five ways in which groups go well or badly and can point you to the conversation that will move you forwards.
The Let's Go Model® sits at the heart of all our work. Born from experience, extensive research and refined in partnership with psychologists and leaders from every sector, it's simple enough for everyone to understand and deep enough to develop leaders, unlock the potential of teams and support collaborative systems.



30 powerful conversations that move things forward



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A gpt-4 powered A.I. assistant to improve any collaboration



A powerful analysis tool to see clearly what your team needs



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A self-coaching tool to expand and improve how you lead

Get to know the model with practical tools you can use straight away...

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Collaborative System Analysis

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A report on how your system (department, leadership community or whole organisation) supports collaboration –what are the jobs you do really well and what needs attention?

The Let's Go Change Loop

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A simple model expressing the way humans move through change. It expresses the four phases of change, as well as the important transition moments through change.

The Let's Go Culture Cylce

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 17.34.27.png

A pragmatic model to map out the jobs-to-be done for an individual or a system that wants to grow stronger and more collaborative.

Powerful Practises Deck

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A tour through powerful practices from some of the best collaborative systems in the world. Drawing lessons from businesses, communities, charities and the public sector.

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