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Strengthening Teams

We have all felt what it's like to be in a great team – where the group is a source of collective energy and productivity. But often our teams fall short of this. So how to we get teams moving in the right direction?


Getting teams working well is an ongoing practice. Whilst no team is perfect it is possible to move every team towards its potential. And this starts with finding the right conversation.

Strong teams need these behaviours

  • Taking collective responsibility for improving the team – building confidence that things can get better

  • Honestly identifying specific issues that are holding it back – without drama or defensiveness

  • Approaching those conversations with curiosity and optimism – even if they are challenging

  • Experimenting and trying new things that could strengthen the team – not accepting the status quo

  • Celebrating successes and overcoming challenges – making a commitment to growth

At Let’s Go we support teams on this journey in a number of ways

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"A simple flexible structure and excellent facilitation. As a regional leadership team we moved months forwards in a single day"

Camilla Hartvig, ​SVP EMEAC, Alexion​

Three levels of working with teams, for three needs​

The Team Check is a powerful team analysis tool for teams – a deep yet pragmatic look at team dynamics. Everyone in the team fills in a survey which is synthesised into a data-rich and easy-to-grasp report. This report is the basis for productive group conversations about where we are, what needs attention and what practical steps we want to take together to strengthen the team.​ 

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Five Conversations is a holistic review of the different aspects of being a team. Especially powerful for new teams or teams that have gone through a big change. It can work as a one day workshop or a series of shorter sessions to embed quality conversations into the fabric of the team. And finding the tangible actions that will make a difference.​

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Team Journey is a deeper support to unlock the potential of a team through raising its awareness and skills. We will coach individuals and support the team to see what needs to shift. Together we will raise the quality of conversation in the team and see the team able to identify and address the questions and challenges that are a natural part of team life.

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