Richard Watkins - Founder & Director

Richard Watkins is a lifelong collaborator as a scientist, creative problem solver and an artist. He started his career with BP where he spent 8 years across Research & Development and product strategy. As a strategist with What If Innovation, he ran over 75 collaborative projects in over 20 countries, leading teams to the creation of major brands and products in China, Europe and the US. He founded Let’s Go in 2013 to offer specialist support to organisations who want to get more from collaborative working. Outside of work, his creative projects have led to exhibitions in Beirut, Cape Town, Istanbul, LA, and his hometown London.

Richard is a regular speaker and featured writer


"The world is crying out for us to collaborate on the complex challenges we are facing. But, in the reality of getting things done, working with others is often harder than we hope. I am a lifelong collaborator and founded Let’s Go to offer sensible thinking and practical tools to leaders and organisations who want to make collaboration work. Our approach has been built in collaboration from practical experience - and with insights from psychology, the arts, design thinking and personal development. It all starts with unlocking the right conversations."

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Allisyn runs an agile portfolio helping businesses reach their growth ambitions

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Emily helps companies grow through culture transformation and new business creation.




Don is A senior Coach and Leadership Practitioner with global experience across a range of industries.

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Alan is a freelance management consultant specialising in supporting and developing clinical and managerial leaders across the NHS and wider systems

Let's Go are making collaboration work around the world

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Marcus helps facilitating audacious change on strategic & personal levels amplifying influencing skills

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Jessica Wang

Jessica is a consumer Insights & Marketing Innovations Specialist




Rachel manages

operations at Let's Go and keeps the show on the road.


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