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Let's Go Facilitator Training

Powerful tools for strengthening teams - for coaches, consultants and org development professionals


*** Third cohort starting January 2023***

Are you committed to supporting teams to be more collaborative? Are you looking for powerful and elegant tools to support you in your work?

The Let’s Go facilitator training is a professional development accreditation for practitioners. It will leave you with practical tools to make your team interventions more effective and more efficient. You will gain more confidence and clarity at understanding and influencing teams - moving beyond tasks and individual personalities to the dynamics that shape performance.

  • Grounded in The Let's Go Model® - a simple yet transformative approach to team dynamics that unites “hard” and “soft” factors into a cohesive and coherent whole

  • Get teams working on their own performance with the Let’s Go Team Check - a deep analysis of the dynamics at play in the team that unlocks important conversations and practical steps to strengthen

  • Open up the conversations that matter with the Collaboration Cards - a powerful tool for coaching leaders and facilitating groups

Be part of the third round of accredited Let’s Go Facilitators.

The Let's Go Model®: an elegant and enlightening model

The Let's Go Model® is the beating heart of the facilitator training. It says that in every team there are five dynamics that shape the performance: Belief, Structure, Involvement, Progress and Care. When they are in balance a team is able to function to its potential - but when out of balance each dynamic causes a different systemic issue. To make teams work we need real Presence - to the task at hand, to each other, and to the conversations we need to have to get back in balance.

For more on the model see Rich's TEDx.


Team Check: a deep analysis of team dynamics

The Let's Go Team Check is a powerful analysis tool for teams - everyone in the team fills in a survey which is synthesised into a data-rich and easy-to-grasp report. This report is the basis for productive group conversations about where we are, what needs attention and what practical steps we want to take together to strengthen the team.

As a facilitator

  • Data accelerates to the heart of the matter - and puts responsibility for fixing the team in the hands of the team

  • Flexible interventions: you can host one-off Team Check conversation, embed it into away-days/workshops, or build whole team coaching program around it

  • Tool focused directly on team performance - great alternative or supplement to individual psychometrics (eg Strengths Finder, DISC, Insights, etc)


Collaboration Cards: better conversations at your fingertips

The Collaboration Cards are a practical tool to unlock the potential of any team. By putting 30 powerful conversations on the table, they allow you to find the right way for a team to move forwards.

As a facilitator

  • Get a team talking about the real issues that need to be addressed

  • Work with a leader to identify issues to address in a team

  • Flexible interventions: use as a quick ice breaker, open up deeper conversations, structure a whole workshop

Perspectives of some Let's Go Facilitators

Questions and practicalities

Who it is for

  • People already comfortable with the basics of group facilitation looking for a new powerful toolkit to improve their interventions or branch out into team performance from an adjacent space (eg team building activities, individual psychometrics)

  • Internal professionals tasked with making teams work - agile coaches, organisational development specialists, HR partners

  • External coaches, consultants and facilitators looking to improve their offer to existing clients or attract new clients

Dates of live Zoom sessions - timezones will depend on who signs up - we are actively looking for Asian facilitators.

Session 1: 10th February 2023

Session 2: 24th February 2023


£1.25K + VAT fee 

***Early bird £975 +VAT***

What you get

  • 2 x 3 hr workshops on Zoom - to get you up close with the tools (especially the Team Check)

  • 1 x Team Check report (worth £400) - you need to complete with a real team to get accreditation

  • 2 x 1-1 coaching calls to embed the tools in your real practice

  • A 60+ page workbook detailing theoretical underpinning and practical application of tools

  • Online library of content

    • Videos explaining key concepts

    • Collaboration Cards video course

    • Team Check case studies - of real teams - including recordings of 90 min facilitated conversations

    • Facilitators sharing their experience with Team Check

    • Marketing materials to showcase tool internally or as external consultant

    • Email templates to make administration easy

  • 2 x packs of Collaboration Cards included in languages of your choice (English, Spanish, French, Chinese)

  • Quarterly community calls to deepen your practice and connect to other professionals

Ongoing commitments

  • Each Team Check survey and analysis has a cost of £400 + VAT (for a team of any size not per individual)

  • Trade discount (40%) on Collaboration Cards to share with the teams you work with (min order 10)

  • No ongoing fees - retain your accreditation by simply running one Team Check per year

Get in touch to find out more

For more information or to find out if this program might be for you fill out the form below or email Rachel directly - we'd be delighted to answer any questions.

Accredited Facilitators
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