"This is the best team conversation I have ever been part of - it's clear and we can do something about it"
Team member, Insurance Company, Singapore
The Let's Go Team Check is a quick team psychometric that gives us a picture of how your team is performing. 
The Team Check reveals how your team is performing against the group dynamics of belief, structure, involvement, progress and care.
Effective teams have a healthy balance of each dynamic and the Team Check will highlight for leaders which dynamics are in balance and which need urgent attention.
It's all rooted in the Let's Go Model® a transformative way to understand human dynamics in groups.
The Let's Go Team Check is administered by the Let's Go team. It's not an automated process. After enquiry, we will be in touch within 2 working days to discuss your needs and work with you on completing the Team Check with your team and generating your bespoke report.
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