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Lesson Recap,  final thoughts and finding the way forwards


The key ideas

Watch this summary video to reflect on some of the key ideas in this course.

Lesson 3:Dig deeper into the 5 dynamics

Lesson 4: Dig deeper into presence

The key concepts 

As an option, dive back into some of the key concepts of making collaboration work. 

Lesson 1: Making sense of collaboration

Lesson 2: The Five dynamics

Tool: Collaboration Canvas

Videos: Dive back into the dynamics






As an option, dive back into the dynamics you feel most like you want to recap.

Conversation finder:

Collaboration Cards

The Collaboration Cards put 30 essential conversations on the table that every group need to have. Since launching in 2017 the Collaboration Cards have been translated into French, Chinese, and Spanish to help 1000's of leaders and groups around the world.

Leadership Pack Product shot.png

Leadership reflection:

Leadership Pack

The Leadership Pack is a new tool that gets you to expand your leadership imagination by provoking you with alternatives. Take a real situation: What is the nature of the challenge? What kind of presence do you need to bring? What kind of response is needed?

Team Psychometric:

Pulse Check

The Pulse Check is helping teams around the world to measure their performance on collaborative projects. It takes just a few minutes to complete and reveals valuable insights for leaders on what’s working well and what needs attention right now.

Watch Trailer

Watch Trailer

Explore beyond this course: from ideas to tools

If the ideas of this course appealed to you, you will love the practical power of Let's Go tools.

Get a glimpse

The Dynamics
Going Further?

Lesson 7 - Final thoughts and finding the way forwards

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