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Lesson 4 - Presence: the heart of collaborative leadership


Presence: the heart of collaboration

Watch this video and begin to reflect on your own leadership in collaborative groups. 

In collaboration a leader isn’t a dictator with all the answers but the person who shows up and takes initiative. You can take initiative in different ways depending on your role in the group. And we speak about three levels of leadership:

  • Sponsor – their leadership is in setting something in motion, giving clear parameters and priorities, supporting from above.

  • Owner – their leadership is in holding responsibility for delivery, putting in place the way the group works, nurturing the group.

  • Contributor – their leadership is in bringing the fullness of their experience, supporting others to contribute, giving their energy.

Whatever your role in a particular collaboration, you should consider yourself a leader. It's on each of us to influence the movement of the group towards the shared goal. And a sponsor, an owner and a contributor all play their part.

A reminder about leadership in collaboration

Leadership Reflection

Screenshot 2019-02-12 14.51.12.png

The Let's Go Model can't only be used to understand a particular group, it can also be used to understand yourself.

Print off the reflection document and consider which dynamics you pay more or less attention to. Where are you stronger? What do you find more difficult?

What do you want to strengthen as you go about the lifelong work of developing your leadership?

Discuss this reflection with someone you trust and who has some insight on how you show up in groups.

Lesson 4 - Presence: the heart of collaborative leadership

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