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“Collaboration is at the heart of two charities I lead. Richard and Let’s Go have been instrumental in our thinking”

Mark Johnson MBE, Social Entrepreneur

Collaboration Foundations is a digital short-course that gives you the concepts and tools you need to collaborate productively

Talk of collaboration is all around us. But too often “collaboration” is spoken about but not acted on. It is used as a catch all for “working well together” but leaders aren’t equipped to know...

The course will give you:

  • A common sense approach to how effective collaboration works

  • A simple model and practical tools you can use to improve collaborations you are part of

  • Space to relate what you're learning back to your context

  • Increased confidence to effectively influence and lead collaboration.


The heart of what you will learn is the Let’s Go Model, the result of over two decades of applied experience trying to get things done in collaborative groups – and is rooted in wisdom from psychology, design-thinking, sports teams, creative practice, and business. The purpose of the course is to discover what’s needed to move teams towards their potential.

All the thinking of this course has been built in the face to face contents and training work that we do with some of the worlds most admired organisations

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