The Wayfinder 

In the mess of modern life, it's easy for your vital sense of purposefulness and aliveness to get dampened down or clouded.

The Wayfinder is a weeklong retreat in the Austrian countryside to refresh your head and reinvigorate you for life in the world. There will be a structure of daily practices and activities, with plenty of space to slow down and allow things to unfold. You can expect the week to be a profound, connecting and joyful adventure.

> Immersing in nature - hiking in the hills, bathing in the forrest, wild swimming, Icelandic horses, waterfalls...
> Ariya Yoga - our core practice is a uniquely enlivening yoga/movement/meditation with roots in Kundalini, Qi Gong and bioenergetics...
> Community life - good people, wholesome food, relaxing, play, fireside stories...
> Internal inquiry - fresh ways to understand ourselves, exploring what shaped us, looking to the futures we want, looking beyond ourselves...

Each of the five days will take us into a different side of ourselves - celebrating the contradictions and differences that make us whole. It will be a deep but playful exploration of many schools of thought and practice, and you don’t need any particular beliefs or personal practice to come - it's about finding your own way.

The retreat is hosted by Dominik Zaerin and Richard Watkins with a chef and helpers.

When is it?
21st-27th September
Arriving on Saturday 21st in time for dinner and leaving after breakfast Friday 27th. The five full days of the retreat run Sunday to Thursday.

How do I get to there?
There will be a bus to pick you up from central Vienna on Saturday at 4pm. If you cant make the bus Ybbsitz is a few hours from Vienna on public transport - with a rural bus service the last few miles. Or make your own way via Linz or Salzburg airport which are also possible via public transport.

What will I eat?
We will have a head chef and the food is part of the journey. The communal meals will be based on nutritious and tasty mostly-vegetarian recipes. We will cater to dietary requirements. All of the produce will be from local and mostly organic sources.

Where will I sleep?
The main venue for the week (yoga classes, food, relaxing) is a large community hall with a kitchen, showers and spaces that can be separated off for sleeping. This will be dormitory-style sleeping on simple mattresses.

Alternatively you can stay at one of many local BnB / ‘Zimmer’ single or double rooms at small extra cost. Please contact Dominik with enquiries.

How much will it cost?:
Standard - €500 - including dormitory-style sleeping room
Early Bird - €400 - if you pay in full before September 1st
Private room - €700 - your own private room in local BnB
Helper - there will be a handful of helper tickets at reduced rates in exchange for taking on specific jobs - contact Richard or Dom if you are interested

About your hosts:
Rich Watkins is a lifelong explorer of human dynamics and internal life. He has been a scientist, a creative problem solver, an artist, and a community organiser. Professionally he supports organisations looking to collaborate better with Outside of work he is the creator of Rage Club (promoting healthy connection with anger), co-founder of Borough Common (a 10 year old community for richer conversations), and a TEDx speaker on group dynamics.

Dominik Zaerin earned his education and honed his craft under several renowned teachers in London, where he grew up. Dominik has worked as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Energy-worker, Massage Therapist, and Life Coach for over 10 years now, with the aim of helping his clients feel better in a holistic way. He offers his work in the form of private sessions, public classes and events, immersion programmes, and group retreats. Through his commitment, experience, and expertise Dominik’s clients gain greater levels of well-being, relaxation, strength and feel more inspired. Dominik now lives in the countryside of Austria but still visits London on occasion to offer his work and teachings to all those that seek him out.

You should definitely come if you want...

- To find strength and resilience by delving into your own vision, purpose, character and patterns.
- To remember the flow state, the art of being and how to feel genuinely relaxed and free, from where all good and authentic things and human works of beauty arise from.
- To connect to nature, the elements and enjoy what you experience.
- To have good food, sunlight on your skin and bare feet that feel the soil again.
- To realign and rebalance your energetic body through yoga and meditation and to connect to what is beyond us.
- To enjoy the company of interesting, colourful and diverse people, and in so doing, cross-pollinate our minds and artistic selves and share our stories, gifts, and self-expression.

About Ybbsitz:

Ybbsitz is a small town in the district of Amstetten, located within the ‘Cider Quarter’ (Mostviertel) of Lower Austria. It is also Dominik’s treasured motherland and countryside residence. An approximate population of 3500 souls, Ybbsitz is surrounded by mountains, woodland, small rivers, and organic farms, and is a UNESCO heritage site for Blacksmithing. Since ancient Celtic times, it has been an important center for the iron trade, manufacture, and blacksmithing. It is the source of the well known ‘Eisenstrasse’ or ‘Iron Trail’ and the historic ‘Schmeidemeile’ or ‘Mile of Forges'.

Ybbsitz (and the entire Ybbstal region) is characterized by its quintessential bucolic purity and peacefulness, charm and orderliness. The region is filled with rolling hills and rugged mountains, fertile pastures, and farmland flowing streams and gushing rivers. It boasts lush, healthy and well-managed conifer, spruce and deciduous forests, filled with wildlife, especially deer. There are many Cattle and dairy farms, and the local industry focuses heavily on metal and wood. Historically and culturally, Ybbsitz (and Austria in general) is a strongly Catholic Christian and Conservative region, with people prioritizing and cherishing family, home and work.

What should I bring with me?

Travelling light is always best. All of what you need should easily fit into/ on a travel rucksack. Raincoat, hat, swimming clothes, journal/ notebook, 2 sets of comfortable clothing for yoga/sport/ movement, seasonally appropriate clothing, warm and cosy clothes, toiletries, good walking boots/ shoes, trainers/ normal shoes, flip-flops/ sandals, and a towel.


If you have any questions or simply want to discuss anything at all, please get in touch with Rich or Dominik. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Details:

Dominik Zaerin:

Rich Watkins:

Buy tickets 

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Early Bird
400 Euro 
Book before September 1st
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Private room 
500 Euro 
L'édition Française
£50 inc. cards and online training