"The world is crying out for us to collaborate on the complex challenges we are facing. But, in the reality of getting things done, working with others is often harder than we hope. I am a lifelong collaborator and founded Let’s Go to offer sensible thinking and practical tools to leaders and organisations who want to make collaboration work. Our approach has been built in collaboration from practical experience - and with insights from psychology, the arts, design thinking and personal development. It all starts with unlocking the right conversations."

Richard Watkins - Founder & Director

Richard Watkins is a lifelong collaborator as a scientist, creative problem solver and an artist. He started his career with BP where he spent 8 years across Research & Development and product strategy. As a strategist with What If Innovation, he ran over 75 collaborative projects in over 20 countries, leading teams to the creation of major brands and products in China, Europe and the US. He founded Let’s Go in 2013 to offer specialist support to organisations who want to get more from collaborative working. Outside of work, his creative projects have led to exhibitions in Beirut, Cape Town, Istanbul, LA, and his hometown London.

Richard is a regular speaker and featured writer

Dan Dowman

Dan joined Let's Go in 2016 as a Consultant. In that time he has worked on collaborative problem solving projects for Lindt and Cancer Research UK and delivered leadership sessions for Alexion and BBC studios. He also takes the lead on web, design and video production.

His background is in community engagement - leading large scale youth and community projects in Cambridge and London.

Rachel Nicholson

Rachel manages operations at Let's Go, so the team has the structure to deliver. She also owns key products like the Collaboration Cards and Pulse Check - ensuring we are able to support organisations at scale with simple and helpful tools.

Before joining Let's Go Rachel was an office manager and led a team of fundraisers. Rachel is also studying towards her psychology BSc with the Open University.

Chris Trantom

Chris works as a Consultant at Let's Go across a diverse set of clients including Tetra Pak, Aviva and the Financial Times. Chris also led the  development of our key products.

Chris has a background in tech, building award-winning collaborative platforms for brands like Heineken and DeBeers before joining strategic consulting firm Business 3.0, helping global businesses fine tune their strategy and culture.

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